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Many people I speak with love the idea of throwing parties, but are either nervous about making a great impression, time poor, think that it's too expensive to do a good job, or just "all too much effort". While I still maintain that the only ingredients I used to become a confident cook are a healthy appitite, cook books and a bit of spare time, cooking's not for everyone, so I'd like to introduce you to sassy bites.

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The three greatest loves in my life are family, friends and food, so for me, a combination of the three is the perfect recipe for a good time.

sassy bites is a result of this mix, along with my passion for sharing tasty, good quality, good value food with people I love.

Virgina Wolf said "One can not think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well."

...why take the risk I say!

sassy bites is a proud supporter of hopemonth.

Ask me how you can create hope at your
table in March for Sydney's homeless
my philosophy

It is still fashionable for great chefs to spend hours creating the perfect bite-sized manicured morsels that look too good to eat. While I have a great appreciation for this style of impressive canapé catering, I prefer to take a more practical approach.

Growing up in a family who loves & looks forward to great food, I find there's nothing worse than leaving a catered event feeling a little 'unsatisfied' and hungry for more. 

I love variety. While there's something very special and intimate about cooking a meal to share with friends at the table, due to timing, this can often leave the host in the kitchen for most of the night. Hosting a cocktail party means the host need not be in the kitchen for large chunks of precious party time.

I describe my food as 'rustic', 'wholesome' and 'hearty'. While my style is creative, my menu is not making any culinary breakthroughs - rather offering no-fuss suggestions based on what people love.
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